Used marine gearboxes

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Used marine gearboxes

Used marine gearboxes can be tricky to buy because of impending issues that might become a pain in the neck soon after purchase. To avoid such problems, you need to consider some inspection tips before cashing in.

1. Check service history

Asking for service history is almost as crucial as asking for a patient’s medical history because it’ll help you establish if the previous owner cared for the gearbox. Finding this out will let you know what problems it has and let you make an informed decision. If the current owner doesn’t have the service history, ask for the workshop that usually gets service.

2. Inspect it for leaks

You always need to physically inspect the gearbox for leaks, rusts, and weird noises. Knowing this allows you to establish if it will give up on you in the middle of the ocean. Check it for difficulty in functionality and ensure that you’re not buying a dead marine gearbox. Avoid buying faulty gearboxes unless you are ready to fix them or can afford to do so.

Used marine gearboxes

3. Consider the gearbox mileage

Newer marine gearboxes generally mean that they have not been used for too long and might still be in good shape. Old and rusty looking gearboxes tend to have a short lifespan and would be a waste of money and time.

4. Always request a warranty

As a rule of thumb, you always negotiate for a sort of warranty to safeguard you if it gives up on you the day after purchase. Some dealers can offer up to six months warranties with some terms and conditions. Warranties will always protect your investment and build on the trust of the buyer.

Final Thoughts

Buying a second-hand gearbox can come in handy when you’re working on a budget, but making the right pick makes all the difference. Always do enough research before deciding on cashing in your marine gearbox.

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