Soil Nutrients Composition

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soil nutrients

Soil nutrients are the centre stage of crop cultivation. Although the soil self-generates nutrients, we can also get nutrients from biological processes in the laboratory. Irrespective of the preparation mode, as long as the nutrients are organic, they are suitable for the soils. There are several ways of manufacturing organic nutrients for crop cultivations, thanks to the progressive technology in agriculture.

Elements that Contributes to Enriching the Soil with Nutrients

Plant Feeds

Biologically, plants make their food when they have the proper soil nutrients. Other ingredients in the process include air, water and sunlight. Carbon dioxide from the air meets the chlorophyll in the leaves to produce chloroplast. The chloroplast combines with more carbon dioxide to produce sugar, which spreads out the whole plant using water.

Plant Stimulants

They stimulate plant growth while increasing its resistance to diseases. Stimulation happens during the blooming process, roots growth, fermentation and sprouting. Each of these processes needs specialised stimulators to facilitate growth beyond the normal process. These plant stimulators play a crucial role in improving yields and speeding the growth process. Using natural stimulators cause less disturbance to the soil.

soil nutrients

Soil Minerals

The soil has natural minerals that contribute immensely to crop cultivation; nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Both organic and inorganic fertilisers design their products around these 3 minerals. The ratio of the minerals comes are a result of the growth stage. Nitrogen, for example, is responsible for growth, meaning that the ratio is higher during planting compared to the other minerals.

Organic Fertilisers

Fertilisers are soil additives that combine nutrients, fillers and other essential elements. Organic fertilisers come from biodegradable living things that naturally produce the needed nutrients for plant cultivation. BAC Fertilisers has varieties of fertilisers that enriches the soil with the much-needed nutrients.

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