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used buses

A company which sells used buses might sound weird at first. But when you think about it for a while you start to notice that the market for it is massive. All around the world non government companies can use a service like this. Especially in countries which are less developed. Their public transport services might lack a lot and are in desperate need of improvement. So by using cheap and decent used buses they have a good chance of improving their infrastructure. Womy also cleans and repairs the buses completely so that you always get good quality and a clean bus. Quality and safety are of real big importance to Womy. That is why they are really careful if it comes to those two aspects.

Big projects

Womy isn’t just selling second hand buses. They also had several big projects in which they helped out a lot. For example they actually sold over 500 buses to a single company so that they could actually build a good bus network in their city. Besides selling these buses they also provided training so that the customers company could easily operate on such a big scale. In the end, because of all their efforts Womy successfully helped this company on the road and they are now a flourishing company.

A few buses or many

Obviously all customers are not forced to buy over 500 buses with additional training. Any amount is fine, you can get a single bus to fill the gap in your company’s coverage. Or you buy multipile buses to replace older ones, or even start a whole new company. Anything is fine and everyone is welcome. Look for the best buses for your company and make your choice.

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