Hardness Testers Review

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hardness testers

Hardness testers employ hardness testing methods like Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell to test the hardness of a metal or alloy. They assess a material’s properties like strength, wear resistance and ductility to help determine if the material is suitable for the intended purpose. These testers function by pressing an indenter into the metal or alloy, then measuring the depth or size of penetration. The way they work depends on the hardness testing method employed. Their application is in quality assurance, robotics in-line solutions and in the automotive and manufacturing industry. 

hardness testers

The Benefits

If you are looking to buy hardness testers for quality control or research and development, go for INNOVATEST testers. INNOVATEST has over 100 models, from the NEXUS and NEMESIS models in the Brinell testing method all the way to the FENIX AND HAWK models in the Rockwell testing method. You will find different models for different applications and types of metals. Some models work best for heavy duty metals, while others are ideal for light metals. The testers come with varying features depending on the intended purpose. Some have a BIOS scanner, while others have an analogue microscope or touch screen. INNOVATEST also has a team of hardness testing experts in case you have enquiries or specific demands. Their testers come with an excellent warranty system, and you can also find accessories like hardness testing blocks and certified indenters. And if you are always on the go, you can get portable testers like TIME 510D and TIME TH172.

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