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Star Service

China's door and window star standard builder
After-sales service specialization
Chuangguan has a professional after-sales service department, has a perfect sales network, a rapid reaction mechanism for interactive coordination of production plants, once the customer's after-sales service complaints, after-sales service personnel must rush to the customer site within 24 hours to find out the reasons for the problem, Assess the degree of maintenance, and negotiate with the consumer to determine the solution. Wherever it can be repaired on-site, the maintenance personnel will be dispatched to the site for immediate processing. If it cannot be handled on site, the first time to contact the factory for repair/replacement.
Complete service system
The high-end door and window products produced by the Chuangguan  are mostly personalized and customized, reflecting the unique style of each customer's aesthetic and preferences. Therefore, the order styles are numerous, such as modern avant-garde, modern minimalism, Chinese classical style, American country style, Mediterranean style, etc. This determines the variety of product styles and materials. Window crown doors and windows have a complete after-sales service management system. Through many years of practice, this system has been gradually improved, and the after-sales service has achieved great results in promoting sales, maintenance, and brand promotion.
Supporting services meticulous
The vast majority of orders for Chuangguan  are custom products, from order to completion of processing and installation, with a large number of supporting services in between, each step requires careful work. When there is a conflict between the customer's scheduled products and the objective installation conditions on the site, the window crown team will use timely professional knowledge and practical experience to provide customers with reasonable solutions.
5S service concept
Smile - keep smiling, polite, enthusiastic service
Rapidly - 7-24 hours full-time response, efficient and prompt service
Standards - optimal service flow, professional and standardized service
Sincerely - wholeheartedly, sincere and responsible service
Satisfaction - service everywhere, thoughtful, flawless service