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Broken Bridge Aluminum

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Broken bridge aluminum

[Release time:2015-04-13 10:23:09 ]

Product Description



Broken bridge aluminum alloy window is more and more popular because of its high strength, good thermal insulation, strong fire resistance, large lighting area, strong corrosion resistance, high comprehensive performance, long shelf life and good decorative effect. High-grade broken bridge profiles aluminum alloy doors and windows have gradually become the first choice for high-end building windows. Broken bridge aluminum alloy window is an improved type on the basis of aluminum alloy window in order to improve the insulation performance of doors and windows. The principle of the broken bridge aluminum alloy window is that the aluminum alloy profile is divided into inner and outer parts, and then the PA66 nylon material is used for connection, so that the aluminum alloy profile forms a cold and heat bridge, so that the internal and external cold heat can not be exchanged through the aluminum alloy profile. And the color inside and outside can be arbitrarily selected, with the combination of beautiful appearance and good performance, it is a new type of thermal insulation aluminum profile.