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Door and window rain protection is the key

Release time:2016-09-14 11:05:11


The daily maintenance of doors and windows also has an impact on the resistance of the heavy rain. It is necessary to make the doors and windows stand upright in the event of a heavy rain. Daily maintenance must be done.


1, seal the protection
Balanced holes are an important part of maintaining the window's tightness, and need to protect the balance hole in daily life. The balance hole is the window frame of the plastic steel door and window, and the hole used for the drainage decompression of the window sash. The daily maintenance should avoid the clogging of the balance hole with impurities.
2, do more cleaning daily
Rail jams and rusting of doors and windows are factors that affect rain and water resistance. Therefore, in the daily maintenance, we must pay attention to regularly clean the track to ensure that no particles and dust blocking; Second, use soapy water to prevent the surface from rust.
3, need to pay attention to daily use
The use of skills is also an important part of the maintenance of doors and windows. Pay attention to the following points when using windows and doors: When the window is opened and pulled, lower the middle part of the window sash, so as to improve the lifespan of the sash. Second, do not push the glass hard to open the window. Otherwise, it is easy to loosen the glass. Finally, the track window frame is prevented from being scratched by a hard object. Deformation of frames and rails affects the ability to prevent rain.