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Analyze the development direction of mainstream windows and doors

Release time:2016-08-26 17:44:05
The doors and windows are one of the important external protective structures of the building, functioning as a shelter for wind, rain, heat, sound insulation, lighting and ventilation. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for doors and windows in fittings are getting higher and higher. As a product with a large amount of usage and wide applications, its unique advantages determine its broad market prospects. Under the premise of exerting its own advantages and improving the problems during its use, new high-performance doors and windows have begun to enter the eyes of consumers.
High-performance doors and windows mainly refer to "three properties", namely, wind pressure resistance, air tightness, and water tightness. At the same time, insulation, sound insulation performance is good, some also have intelligent features. The development of high performance doors and windows is mainly reflected in the following points:
The intrinsic quality of the profile and its reasonable structural design are prerequisites for the manufacture of high-performance windows. First, qualified profiles and advanced production processes must be provided by regular manufacturers to ensure the quality of high-performance doors and windows. In addition, the wall thickness and structure of the profile are also very critical, and the wall thickness directly affects its strength. On the one hand, a reasonable structure can better perform the heat insulation and heat insulation, and on the other hand, each cavity can have different uses.
In the doors and windows, glass is one of the key materials. Insulating glass is one of the main glasses of high-performance doors and windows. Its advantages are very obvious. Its good heat insulation effect can reduce the energy consumption of buildings and save energy. Has a good soundproofing effect. Laminated glass is a tough PVB film sandwiched between glass, and is made of high temperature and high pressure processing. Its comprehensive advantages of safety, shock resistance, sound insulation, and UV protection are not available in other glasses and it is a real sense of safety. glass. Low-e coating and explosion-proof glass are further upgraded on the basis of the above glass.
The mainstream windows and doors program:
First: new open window
Features: Push-pull, but superior to the sealing of the open window, sash opening area is large but does not take up space. Opened in the form of a push-pull, it is superior to the sealing performance of a casement window. It has the appearance, beauty, durability, safety, environmental protection and energy saving that is comparable to a curtain wall window. It takes the essence of flat-opening windows and sliding windows, and is in a bad situation. The birth of a brand new swing window has played an important role in the outdoor aluminum lightweight, sturdy, rainproof, anti-corrosive, multi-color optional features, while fully demonstrating the characteristics of indoor luxury, energy saving and environmental protection.
Second: more glassy green energy-saving window
Features: Environmental protection, energy saving is superior to the decorative effect of ordinary windows. The multi-glass window uses the increase of the number of layers of air in the glass and enlarges the profile structure to achieve the purpose of retarding the loss of cold and heat. At the same time, the multi-stage sealing system also supplements the deficiency of other windows in the seal, so that indoor and outdoor real reaches almost The completely abject state controls the loss of heat and reduces the interference of outdoor noise. At the same time, it shows that the surface treatment is more varied and the atmosphere is more suitable for diversified decoration and perfectly matched with it.
Third: aluminum-wood composite doors and windows
Features: External rigid, luxurious, durable. Aluminum-wood composite doors and windows generally have four major categories: Italian-style wood-clad aluminum, German-style aluminum-clad wood, composite wood aluminum profiles and wood-aluminum symbiosis profiles. Never change its nature: aluminum-wood composite doors and windows are to play outdoor aluminum alloy lightweight, strong, rain-proof, corrosion-resistant, multi-color optional features, while allowing the indoor wooden luxury, energy-saving environmental protection features.
Fourth: Broken aluminum doors and windows.
Features: Lightweight, strong, energy saving, beautiful. The curtain wall scheme uses aluminum alloy as the skeleton, which shows that the aluminum alloy is a highly respected and reliable material. Broken aluminum alloy profiles have changed the performance of ordinary aluminum alloy profiles that are not energy-efficient, and a variety of colors have the same selectivity as home decoration, and the decorative effect of both interior and exterior colors has also been brought into play.