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Prepare your homework before buying doors and windows to help you choose your doors and windows

Release time:2016-08-16 11:28:06
Vernacular language: Prepare yourself for disaster prevention. Prepare everything before doing anything. Many users are always confused when purchasing windows and doors, and they often buy unsatisfying doors and windows. Therefore, in order to let everyone buy a good idea of ​​doors and windows, deliberately summarized a few things to do before buying for your reference.
One: pay attention to the timing of purchase
The production of doors and windows has a certain amount of time, so be sure to book doors and windows in advance during the renovation.
II: Familiar with home improvement style
New house to install windows and doors
In this case, the room is not renovated, so it is best to determine the overall style of the home improvement before purchasing, so as to determine whether the doors and windows are selected, European, simple, mixed or classical style.
Old house for doors and windows
In this case, the home style is already very clear. At this time, we must pay special attention to the colors and styles of the walls, floors and furniture in the home so that we can match the doors and windows that we like.
Three: pay attention to color matching
The following two points should be followed in the selection of colors for doors and windows:
(1) The color of doors and windows is close to the color of furniture and floor
When the main color of the room is a light color system, cold-colored windows and doors should be selected; when the main color of the room is a dark color system, warm-color windows and doors should be selected. If you don't have much assurance, choose a tone that is close to the "big environment" but don't be the same color.
(2) Contrast between the color of doors and windows and the color of the wall
Many owners are conservative in the renovation, the walls are white, the doors and windows are white, leaving the entire room lack of sense of life. Suggestions, such as the room's selection of a white interior door, it is best to make the wall with color (such as light yellow, light blue, etc.), this will make the room a sense of hierarchy, not too "flat".
Four: Set the window budget
Before buying doors and windows, you need to determine the purchase price of doors and windows according to your own situation to prevent over-budget. But often many people know very little about the price of doors and windows, it is recommended that everyone go to Taobao, Jingdong and other sites to understand the approximate price of each door and window under the home environment, to prevent businesses from bidding when buying.
Five: understand the size of doors and windows
Before buying, you need to roughly measure the size of the doors and windows in your home, and be aware of the fact that the size of the windows and doors in your home will not be too large.
If you are doing your homework well before purchasing, you must be confident and free from mistakes.