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The arrival of the rainy season

Release time:2016-08-11 08:07:36

Spring and summer are the seasons with a lot of rainfall. For every season of heavy rain and heavy rain, it is not a small test for home improvement windows and doors. In order to prevent doors and windows from penetrating water and air leakage, affecting the safety and dryness of the home environment, various aspects must be controlled when selecting doors and windows. Choosing excellent windows and doors, and even big storms can't break into the home.

Wind pressure resistance of doors and windows
When the gale whistles, the wind pressure resistance of doors and windows can play an important role. Doors and windows use high-quality profiles to ensure the strength of the outer frame and the inner fan itself. At the same time, a locking block is set between the frame and the fan. When the doors and windows are subjected to wind pressure, the mutual force between the locking blocks is applied to the sash. Longitudinal center position provides additional wind pressure support and improves the wind and pressure resistance of doors and windows. At the same time reduce the fatigue of other hardware and enhance the safety seal. In addition, the sealing strip of the door and window is also an important part of the sealing of the doors and windows. The use of soft rubber material can be tightly attached to the fan frame to ensure a good sealing performance of the product. When the strong winds strike, it effectively prevents outdoor air and high winds from entering the room. It not only ensures the fresh air in the room, but also ensures the safety of the home.
Watertightness of doors and windows
In the season when there is a lot of rain, the water seepage problem of doors and windows is troublesome. With good watertightness, doors and windows can effectively block the entry of rainwater from the outside in the face of a rainstorm. High-quality doors and windows adopt the principle of equal pressure to improve the watertight performance of the entire window, cleverly increase the air introduction hole at the frame and fan seal, and the air pressure of the outdoor cavity is always consistent with the external atmospheric pressure through the introduction of external air, and the natural weight of the water is naturally utilized. Leaving water out of the body will not back into the room. The three-seal construction structure can reduce rainwater from entering the cavity through the middle gap of the frame fan, thereby enhancing the watertightness of the entire window and achieving high water-tight performance.
Door and window installation
When choosing doors and windows, besides paying attention to the performance of doors and windows, pay attention to waterproofing when installing windows and doors. First of all, the window should have a waterproof coating, be coated with lead-water oil, and be sealed with concrete around it. At the same time, waterproofing agent should be added to prevent water seepage. Secondly, waterproof sealant is used at the junction of the window frame and other materials to prevent rainwater from entering the room through the window. In addition, in order to prevent the occurrence of rain capillary phenomenon, aluminum alloy doors and windows are generally recessed structure, construction should be strictly done around the interface processing. Only in this way can we effectively prevent the infiltration and leakage of rainwater.