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The window frame size specification introduced to create the most suitable lighting

Release time:2016-08-01 08:13:24


The window frame size specification introduced to create the most suitable lighting
Most people know that the size of the window frame plays a decisive role in the ventilation of the whole house. How large the windows can just meet the lighting and bring about a good atmosphere without appearing abrupt? Let's talk about the window frame. What is the specification?

Window Frame Size Specifications
In ordinary houses, the height of the windows is mostly 1.5m, plus the sill height is 0.9m, and the window frame size of 0.4m is still left, which is a size that is more in line with the function of the windows. If it is a sliding window, this size should also pay attention to the sash sliding range problem, to ensure that the sash is sliding. If you are facing the window, you must consider the glare that the window will have on the wall.
In different spaces, the size of window frames is different. It can also be said that window frame specifications are rich, and the main reason is to rationally layout the size and style of living spaces.
First, from different materials, different styles of windows, their specific size standards are not the same, such as the same aluminum alloy windows, aluminum alloy sliding window window height of 900-2100mm, window width is 1200-3000mm. The basic window of the aluminum alloy casement window is 600-2100mm, and the basic window hole width is between 600-2100mm.
In addition to materials and styles, sash glass will also affect the size of the window frame. The glass commonly used in windows is flat glass, hollow glass, tempered glass, etc. Their sizes are also not the same, in which the glass thickness is generally 5mm, 6mm. But when installing 5mm plate glass, glass bead is 34mm thick, if it is hollow glass, double glass bead is 19mm thick, plus 15mm gap, its thickness should be 20mm, can use 5mm + 9mm + 5mm (glass + spacer + Glass) hollow glass, or 4mm + 12mm + 4mm hollow glass.
Based on the points described above, here are some common window frame and sash dimensions that can be adjusted and changed accordingly:
1,60 Casement Window: Frame 2400x2400; Window Sash 750x1600
2, 60 inside the open window: window frame 2100x2100; sash 1000x1600
3, 60 sliding window: window frame 2400x2400; window fan 1200x1600
4,85 sliding window: window frame 2400x3000; sash 1200x1800
In the production of windows, we must first determine the relevant materials, styles, measurement data, make the window frame size is appropriate, so that the design of the windows, will play the best ventilation and lighting effects, but also It can make the interior decoration effect the best and live more comfortable.
The size of the windows is not always the same, so be sure to measure the height of your house and decorate the windows before you make the windows. Then choose the color of the interior decoration. A good window can not only play the role of lighting the interior space, but also purify everyone's vision and protect the eyesight.