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R & D Center

China's door and window star standard builder
Excellent quality comes from strong research and development capabilities and production processes.
The company's special product R&D center and quality inspection center have been introduced from raw materials to product lines to ensure that the products are technologically advanced and of superior quality.
Chuangguan doors and windows have a distinctive design concept and quality inspection equipment, which can track and monitor the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. This ensures the quality of the products and highlights the noble qualities of the windows, doors and windows.
product development center:
Chuangguan doors and windows cooperate with domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning to establish Window Crest high-quality doors and windows research and development center, dedicated to the research and development of high-quality doors and windows products, process improvement of high-end aluminum-wood composite doors and windows, as well as the promotion and application of new high-grade doors and windows.
Quality Inspection Center:
Chuangguan Doors and Windows has invested heavily in the introduction of international top quality inspection equipment and established a window crown quality inspection center. The full-scale quality inspection of window-window door and window series products, from the introduction of raw materials to the product offline, has ensured the high-end quality of window-window doors and windows through dozens of rigorous testing procedures.